Modify Ubuntu 8.10 Boot Splash Using GIMP

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How to make Boot Splash Using Your Own Picture

We will be amaze, if we can exhibit our design to be a boot splash. because we can exhibit to our friend and they will ask how to make boot splash like that? We are able to share the tricks to change boot splash to them. Let's make it:
1. Open GIMP | File | Open | "Your Picture" | Open

2. Change image size through Image | Scale Image | 640x480

3. Save the picture uses extension .xpm --> File | Save as | Select file by type extension .xpm
Example : The picture is saved with name mybootsplash.xpm

4. Compress mybootsplash.xpm using gzip. please open your terminal

$ sudo gzip mybootsplash.xpm

$ sudo cp mybootsplash.xpm.gz /boot/grub/splashimages/

5. Edit file menu.lst:

$ sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

you have to put the code below at the top position in the menu.lst :


6. Please restart your computer to show the boot splash..
You can also to use startupmanager to change the boot splash, please download here.
If You use startupmanager, You don't need to use the 5th step to change it.

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