Using the package management Linux fedora 10

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The Packages Management Make it Easier for Users to Use Linux Fedora 10

Linux Fedora 10 application package is very useful, because with the application package we can install the application will be used in linux fedora 10. If we don't have it, we will be difficulty to install dependencies from application that installed.

Linux Fedora 10 has 3 application management that are able to help user:

1. Package Manager
Package manager in fedora 10 are management application that has graphical interface as well as the Synaptic package manager in linux ubuntu.
how to use the package manager:
select Menu System | Administration | Add/Remove Software. Then, input your password and Add/Remove Software will appear. You can install/uninstall application through it.

2. Yum
Yum is management package application that text based. Yum has some advantages as a management package:
a. Yum can handle software dependencies problem when installation
b. Yum has plugins that can help performance management package.

Some of the Linux Fedora command that can be used via terminal:
Perform the index of packages that there are in server directory
# yum check-update

Searching the package
# yum search

ex: # yum search clamav

Install package
# yum instal

ex: # yum install etherape

remove paket
# yum remove

ex: # yum remove etherape

View a list of packages available
# yum list

view all option from yum
# yum --help

3. Yumex
Yumex is the same as package manager that GUI based. If You want to use yumex, please follow this way:

# yum install yumex

Conclusion of The article:
Package management really needed to facilitate the user when They install linux application.

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