Smart and Safe Browser | Get Mozilla Firefox 3.0.7

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View Web Pages Faster, Using Less of Your Computer’s Memory

Who does not know with Mozila Firefox? Yes, It is an Internet Explorer Engine that is the best browser in the world. More than 2000 people who have downloaded the browser. Mozilla Firefox issue a browser with the code name of Mozilla Firefox 3.0.7 in 2009.

Firefox 3 integrates elegantly with your antivirus software. When you download a file, your computer’s antivirus program automatically checks it to protect you against viruses and other malware, which could otherwise attack your computer. [available in Windows only]. Included in Mozilla Firefox 3.0.7 :

  • the smart location bar,
  • one-click bookmarking,
  • blindingly fast performance.
  • Instant Web Site ID,
  • Anti-Malware,
  • Parental Control,
  • Anti-Virus Software,
  • Clear Private Data,
  • Customized Security Settings,
  • Password Manager,
  • Anti Phising,
  • Pop-Up Blocker, etc


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3 comments to “Smart and Safe Browser | Get Mozilla Firefox 3.0.7”
azwinner said...

opera ma mozilla bagus mana sih mas???

tolearnfree said...


bagusan mozilla..
mnurut surfey urutan browser:
1. mozilla
2. safari
3. internet explorer

aan said...

permission to download boss....

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