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Change Ubuntu Usplash Used Startupmanager

If we have a different linux with another user, of course we will be happy and proud. Because We have more ability than another one, and we can show our design to our friend. Do you want to get your Usplash Boot like this.

tolearnfree usplash
Let's change usplash Linux Ubuntu :
1. Download file throbber and usplash theme. then extract it.
Download startup-manager, It is application that make easy to change usplash. Install starupmanager to your PC.

2. Make usplash.png, you can use your picture collection and save it use name usplash.png

change your picture to mode index used gimp

My suggestion : picture resolution is 640 x 480 pixel

Open gimp -|- mode -|- indexed -|- maximum number of colors 256 -|- convert

3. copy usplash.png to folder usplash

4. Generate files to .c

cd usplash/
pngtousplash usplash.png > usplash.c
pngtousplash throbber_back.png > throbber_back.c
pngtousplash throbber_fore.png > throbber_fore.c

5. Compile .c file object .o

gcc -g -Wall -fPIC -o usplash.o -c usplash.c
gcc -g -Wall -fPIC -o throbber_back.o -c throbber_back.c
gcc -g -Wall -fPIC -o throbber_fore.o -c throbber_fore.c
gcc -g -Wall -fPIC -o usplash-theme.o -c usplash-theme.c

6. Compile all file object to shared library

gcc -g -Wall -fPIC -shared -o *.o

7. open startupmanager -|- appearance -|- manage usplash theme -|- add "choose your file" -|- open

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