How to share Connection | Configuration Internet Connection Sharing

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by : tolearnfree

Internet Connection Sharing

tolearnfree internet connection sharing

Link download versi Bahasa Indonesia">ICS.pdf

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is a Microsoft Service that is functional to share internet connection to another PC that connected it.
If You have Internet connection in your home, this way will help you to share internet access to another PC. The article will clear up, the ways do Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on PC that uses modem.Ok, we will discuss ICS on PC that uses modem. Where in Jogja now is fever IM2 (Provider Internet Connection 3G). If We use ICS, We are able to share Internet access to another PC. Let’s do it.
The condition to use ICS:
- Server to Client use LAN Card,
- The connection uses cross cable, because The Connection type is peer to peer

  1. Configuration in computer that connected internet via modem
PC that use modem is Server
Right click My Network Place-|-Properties-|-New Connection Wizard-|- Setup a home or small office Network-|-Next-|-Finish

When finished will appear Network Setup Wizard
tolearnfre internet connection sharingnetwork setup wizard

Next2X-|-Choose “your adapter LAN”, if It is disconnected you must check “ignore disconnected network hardware” -|-Next-|-Select a connection method “you must select no 1

tolearnfree internet connection sharingselect a connection method

Next, in selection “select your internet connection select modem-|- check Your "LAN adapter"

select your private connection

Next-|-Ignore computer description selection -|- Input your workgroup -|- Next

Select Just finish the wizard -|-next-|-finish and Restart your computer.

After Restart, LAN adapter on server obtained IP Address automatically.

Ip Address :

Subnet Mask :

2. Configuration on Client

Workgroup on Client must be common with workgroup on Server

My Computer -|- Properties -|- Computer Name -|- Change -|- “Input Workgroup” -|- Ok.

Please Restart Your Computer.

Configuration IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway on Client

Local Area Connection-|-Properties

2. Choose Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) -|-Properties

Ip Address :

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway : (IP Address server)

3. Choose OK and the configuration finished.

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