Download Anti Virus Smadav 3.7.3 Januari 2009

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Download Anti Virus Smadav 3.7.3 Januari 2009
This is the awaited, SmadAV 3.7.3 For those who have not already and download previous Anti virus SmadAV 3.7.3, please download the link below. Smadav parties have done some bug fixes & false alarm on the revision this time.

When you find a bug or LOCAL NEW VIRUS that has not been detected Smadav 3.7, please report them immediately on this site So, for ALL USERS SMADAV recommended the ROUTINE / EVERY DAY visit to this site to download the latest revision Smadav 3.7.3.

Smadav 3.7 is able to clean up ALL LOCAL VIRUS scanning speed with the Super-quick and accurate. But it does not have Antivirus can detect 100% virus, so even if there is a virus that still can not be cleaned, please upload it's viruses in and immediately report it to the team smadav in this forum: Ask PHYSICIAN. You will get the virus local consulting services for FREE Smadav team members are active in the forum.


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Joe Engressia said...

kbarnya smadav versi 2009 akan sgera dirilis, dan smpai saat ini smadav masih brsifat gratis.

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